Switch Rated / Decontactor

Decontactors are a combination plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device.  The Decontactors integral switch technology ensures the safe breaking of resistive and inductive loads (up to 60 hp or 200A) before the plug can be removed from the receptacle.

Decontactors are UL and CSA approved for both “branch circuit” and “motor circuit” disconnect switching, so they are ideal for connecting motors, welding machines and virtually any other electrical equipment.

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Product Categories

DB Series

DB’s are the most rugged and highest horsepower rated plugs and receptacles in the DECONTACTOR Series product family. They are specifically designed for use on motors and other inductive loads.  With their unique internal spring operating mechanism, two stage contact system, arc splitting feature and silver-nickel butt contacts, DB’s can easily handle high horsepower inductive loads up to 60 hp.

Please see the following Datasheets for more information on the DB Series.

DB Series.pdf

DS Series

DS Series Decontactors provide a useful combination of capacity and ruggedness.  DS are often used to connect motors and welders in the metals, quarry, automotive, and mining industries.  They are designed for applications requiring large wiring capacities.  The DS’s environmental rating is achieved as soon as th plug and receptacles are fully engaged, making them an excellent choice for outdoor applications where rainproof performance is required.

Please see the following Datasheets for more information on the DS Series.

DS Series.pdf

DSN Series

DSN Series products are switch and hp rated for quick, safe equipment changeouts.  DSNs are ideal for wet environments since they offer NEMA 4X watertightness as soon as the plug is latched to the receptacle or as soon as the receptacle lid is closed.

Please see the following Datasheets for more information on the DSN Series.

DSN Series.pdf