Fluorescent Lamps

Shat-r-Shield fluorescent lamps are coated from end-to-end with our exclusive, patented plastic coating.  If a Shat-r-Shield lamp is dropped or broken, virtually all glass, phosphors and mercury are safely contained within the coating.  Shat-r-Shield lamps are UL & NSF Certified, USDA approved and meet FDA and OSHA standards.  We offer the following in fluorescent lamps.

  • T5 –   Miniature BiPin
  • T8 –   Medium BiPin, Single Pin and Recessed Double Contact
  • T12 – Medium BiPin, Single Pin, Recessed Double Contact, VHO-TSC RDC and VHO Jacketed RDC
  • Black Lights – T8 and T12
  • Gold Lamps – T8 and T12
  • Germicidal Lamps – T5 and T8
  • U-Shpaed (U-Bind) – T8 and T12
  • Compact – CFL-S, CFL-D, CFL-T, EL/Twist, and SLS

Please see the following Datasheets for more information.

Fluorescent Lamps General Information.pdf

Fluorescent Lamps.pdf