Buck – Boost Transformers

Buck-Boost transformers are single phase, four winding transformers designed for two purposes.  The first purpose is as a low voltage isolation transformer to use on 12, 16, 24, 32 or 48 volt circuits.  When used as low voltage transformers, Buck-Book transformers have capacities of .050 kVA to 5.0kVA.  Their second and more important use is as a “Buck-Boost” transformer.  Buck-Boost means that these transformers are used to buck (lower) or boost (increase) line voltage to match required load voltage.

Dongan offers a broad range of products for buck boost applications.  These transformers are shipped as low voltage isolation transformers that can be easily reconfigured to buck or boost a wide range of voltages.  The beauty of these transformers is that they are easily adaptable to most minor voltage corrections that need to be made and are an inexpensive solution to isolation transformers.  They are physically smaller and lighter than the corresponding kVA of an isolation unit.

Please see the following Datasheets for more information:

Buck Boost Sizing Table.pdf

Buck Boost Transformers.pdf

Buck Boost Connection Diagrams.pdf