With Safe-T-Arms barricades every arc flash hazard area can have the right product for any on-site conditions.

The barricades are available in the following 3 different mounting styles.

Permanent mount Safe-T-Arms barricades

This mount is designed for use on most low-voltage (<600V) systems where NFPA70E standards require a visual boundary.  When not in use, the arms can be left in an upright position.  As the technician needs a barrier, they simply pull out on the arms and they will fold down to a perpendicular position and lock back in place.

Universal Magnetic Safe-T-Arms barricades
The magnetic version was developed to offer a quick and hassle free solution to visible barriers.  The MD48SA version is universal and mounts either on the side or front of equipment.  The T shape allows it to be used on any enclosure 4″ deep or deeper.  When aligned with the edge or front of the enclosure, the technician is assured that they are well within the legal boundaries.

Free Standing Safe-T-Arms barricades
Systems requiring a flash protection boundary greater than 4 feet, the free standing barricades can easily be placed at the appropriate distance.  This collapsible aluminum stand folds out and is self supporting.  The arms simply snap into precisely milled grooves that hold them securely in place.  These units also have magnets incorporated in them to use the safety chain to establish visible barriers.  All units come standard with a 10′ piece of safety chain and two ends.

Permanent Mount

Universal Magnetic Mount

Free Standing Mount