3 Phase Dry Type Transformers

Dongan has a full complement of three phase ventilated transformers from 3kVA to 300 kVA.  We offer encapsulated three phase transformers from 3kVA through 9kVA and ventilated from 15kVA and up.  Our enclosures are NEMA 3R% without the addition of a costly weathershield as standard with only some exceptions at the smallest kVA which are indicated in the catalog.

Our transformers can be wall mounted or floor mounted cabinet style depending upon the kVA rating.  These are UL and CUL listed and are copper wound through 9kVA although we offer copper designs on any of the products in the catalog.  Our aluminum wound transformers start at 15kVA and extend through 225kVA as standard off the shelf.

All our transformers have an electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary for transient noise reduction.  Insulation systems are 200 degrees or 220 degrees depending upon the series of transformers.

Please see the following Datasheets for more information:

Three Phase Transformers.pdf

Three Phase TP1 Compliant Transformers.pdf